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DENT Split Core current transformers are compatible with ELITEpro Series energy data loggers, PowerScout Series power meters, or any meter which accepts a 333mV output CT.

Split Core current transformers provide linear output voltage that is directly proportional to the input current. These transformers are safely and easily installed over existing electrical power lines without disconnecting lines or interrupting service.

DENT’s Split Core CTs are shunted and, therefore, safe compared to other commercially available CTs and produce 333mV at full scale. Cost-effective and easy to use, they are available in three window sizes and for 5A to 1,200A loads. Specified accuracy is 1%.

All DENT CTs are sold individually (not in sets).

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50A Small (0.75" window), 100A Small (0.75" window), 100A Medium (1.25" window), 200A Medium (1.25" window), 400A Medium (1.25" window), 400A Medium with 7 Meter Leads (1.25" window), 600A Medium (1.25" window), 1000A Large (2.0" window)

Key Features

Key Features
  • Available in three window sizes: Small 0.75″ (SCS), Medium 1.25″ (SCM), and Large 2.0″ (SCL)
  • Output is 333mV at rated current
  • Internal precision burden resistor across secondary
  • 8ft twisted pair leads standard, terminated in ferrule for easy connection to all DENT meters (7 meter leads available for 400A Medium Split Core only)
  • Typical accuracy is +/- 1% (measured from 10% to 130%)
  • Core blades are shrouded for protection during installation
  • Core is interleaved at joints for accuracy
  • cETLus Listed
  • CE Mark



Part Numbers

Part Numbers

All DENT CTs are sold individually (not in sets).

 Part Number Amp Range Description
CT-SCS-0050-U 1 – 65A SMALL SPLIT-CORE .75” (19mm) Opening
CT-SCS-0100-U 2 – 130A SMALL SPLIT-CORE .75” (19mm) Opening
CT-SCM-0100-U 5 – 130A MEDIUM SPLIT-CORE 1.25” (32mm) Opening
CT-SCM-0200-U 4 – 260A MEDIUM SPLIT-CORE 1.25” (32mm) Opening
CT-SCM-0400-U 8 – 520A MEDIUM SPLIT-CORE 1.25” (32mm) Opening
CT-SCM-0400-U-7M 8 – 520A MEDIUM SPLIT-CORE 1.25” (32mm) Opening, 7M Leads
CT-SCM-0600-U 12 – 780A MEDIUM SPLIT-CORE 1.25” (32mm) Opening
CT-SCL-1000-U 20 – 1300A LARGE SPLIT-CORE 2” (51mm) Opening


Extended Leads

Extended Leads

8 foot black & white twisted pair CT leads are standard. CT leads can be extended up to 500 ft by using the same wire type/AWG. Learn more about extending the leads on your current transformers here.


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