DENT Instruments highly-skilled production and shipping team delivers superior products exceeding with the customer expectations

DENT Instruments, Inc., takes great pride in delivering high-quality and competitive power monitoring products on time to our customers. Our mission is to be an enduring company by continuously creating superior measurement products that provide essential information to establish and maintain energy-efficient buildings and sustainable operations. We strive to uphold the industry’s best lead times while developing the next generation of quality products our clients have come to expect. 

Measuring energy use in real time, our precision power monitoring equipment offers data driven results to help analyze energy use in residential and commercial buildings, retail outlets, data centers and telecommunications. Our high-standard quality controls ensure our that or long-lasting meters go beyond your expectations to deliver results.

Looking ahead, DENT recognizes the increasing importance of submetering in the evolving landscape of energy management. DENT is committed to staying at the forefront of this industry trend by investing in research and development, as well as exploring innovative solutions to meet the growing demands of our customers, ensuring our resiliency and sustained success. Our strategic plan involves leveraging emerging technologies and expanding our capabilities to remain competitive in the market while continuing to uphold our commitment to quality, timeliness, and efficiency.

DENT Operations Team

In the back; Slater, Brent, Dan, Anna, Ryan. In the front; Grace and Terry

Brent Poole, Operations Director

Poole, an Oregon native, who’s worked with DENT for 2.5 years, feels the employees are essential to the success of the final product and customer satisfaction.

“At DENT, we honor our daily commitment to you to gain our trust and confidence.  The collaborative spirit within our department and other DENT teams, fosters a positive atmosphere where employees are motivated to excel and prioritize quality and safety above all else. This culture of mutual support and accountability has been instrumental in achieving our goals while ensuring the well-being of our long-term, experienced workforce,” said Poole.

Anna, Senior Assembly Technician

Originally from Texas, Anna has been with DENT for nearly 15 years; first as Technical Support for 5.5 years and then the last 8.5 years as an Assembly Technician where attention to detail and quality control is her main goal. Her outstanding work ethic, caring team of coworkers and dedication to ensuring superior products keeps her motivated.

“Working with a great team who communicates well and collaborates to help solve any issue is what sets DENT apart from other companies.”

Slater Broaddus, Operations and Supply Chain Specialist

With only a year at DENT Slater Broaddus, has already made an enormous impact at DENT. He maintains inventory counts, ensures compliance by strategically sourcing supplies around the world, plus oversees vendors to produce a quality product.

“I appreciate our tightknit team. DENT is a smaller company but has the larger support of Bemsiq, an international company, which allows us to continue to be leaders in the industry. In addition to working at DENT full time, Broaddus is earning his MBA in Finance.

We are looking for additional motivated production staff to join the DENT Team. Please contact bpoole@dentinstruments.com