Our Company


DENT Instruments, Inc., takes great pride in delivering high-quality and competitive power monitoring products on time to our customers. We strive to maintain the industry’s best lead times while developing the next generation of quality products our clients have come to expect.  

Through our precision power monitoring equipment, we are confident our products are able to help you establish energy-efficient buildings and sustainable operations. Measuring energy use in real time, our products provide data driven results to help analyze your energy use.

We strive to ensure our products continue to be sought after for their high level of accuracy, leading innovation, superior quality, reliability, and value. The foundation for guaranteeing our long-term commitment is our team of highly skilled and motivated engineers, researchers, and developers. In close collaboration with our sales team, product management, production team, and feedback from our customers, the R&D team works to maintain our current product portfolio while simultaneously developing the next generations of power meters, cloud services, and energy information tools.


Chris Tucker, Senior Software Engineer; Joe Orcelletto, Electronic Test Technician; Kevin McConnell, Director; Ryan Lang, Senior Software
Engineer; James Heigh, Technical Support Specialist; Craig Denson, Principal Engineer; Doyle Nickless, Senior Firmware Engineer

Kevin McConnell


In our R&D team, we have an impressive line of expertise within electrical, mechanical, firmware, and software engineering. Our extensive R&D budget and investment plan for the future, plus our in-house lab with exceptional equipment allows us to test and verify any product before it is sent for verification and certification. “As an engineer, it is motivating and fun to be part of the entire process from the idea stage to a new product launch.

Craig Denson


In my 30+ career at DENT, I have found DENT Instruments is not only an outstanding company to build an engineering career — it has become family.” DENT provides the proper tools, support and environment necessary to produce quality and innovative products. The needs of nonutility electric power metering have continued to increase and evolve. DENT will remain a leader in electric power submeter accuracy and safety standards.

Ryan Lang


Lang has extensive background in software engineering. During his brief time with DENT, he already feels the satisfaction of being a part of the gifted R & D team. “Working at DENT is exciting and rewarding, particularly when creating new products to help move the clean-energy industry to the next level.

Interested in joining our team of highly skilled engineers? Contact kmcconnell@dentinstruments.com.