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Explore our Resources to learn in-depth information about how DENT products are used around the world for energy auditing and power submetering applications. Watch a video to learn more about DENT power meters and loggers. Interact with us on the DENT Blog and explore current topics and technical information.

Case Studies

  • PG&E Tool Lending Library Assists California Companies in Measuring Energy Consumption

  • Seattle City Light Recovers $1.5M Using the ELITEpro XC & RoCoil Current Transformers

  • Self-Storage Companies Store Up Savings with Remote Environmental Control and Monitoring Systems

  • Jefferson County School District (Denver, CO) Has High Praise for the ELITE

  • “Green” Laboratory Turns to DENT Instruments: Finding and Replacing “Zombie” Freezers

  • ELITEpro XC a Key Tool for Auditing Compressed Air Systems

  • ELITEpro Shows California How to Get the Biggest Bang for Their Energy Buck


  • Analysts Rely on Vendor Flexibility, Reliability and Cost Savings in Meeting Their Clients’ Needs

  • Cornell University Initiates Energy Awareness Program Through Campus-Wide Power Monitoring

  • Students Bridge Needs Between Government & Business: Federal Program Trains Students, Advises Manufacturers, Conserves Energy, and Boosts Revenues

  • Power Lines

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  • alarms-pshd-video thumb

    ViewPoint HD Software – Phase Loss Alarm Feature Walkthrough

  • viewpoint-hd-thd thumbnail

    ViewPoint HD Software for PowerScout HD Meters – Using the THD Function

  • phasor-plot video thumb

    ViewPoint HD – Phasor Plot Demo from DENT Instruments

  • register-list video thumb

    PowerScout HD – Using the Register List

  • powerscout-hd-tutorial-setting-a-security-pin thumbnail

    PowerScout HD Tutorial – Setting a Security PIN

  • hd-install thumb

    PowerScout HD Multi-Circuit Power Meter Installation in 5 Minutes!

  • viewpoint-hd-meter-setup-thumb2de9

    PowerScout HD Meter Setup Guide – Simple Startup Walkthrough

  • ps3037-installation thumb

    How to Install the DENT PowerScout 3037 3-Phase Power Meter (PS3037)

  • retrieve-setup-table-elog

    ELOG Software – How to Retrieve a Setup Table from an ELITEpro XC

  • configure-elitepro-meter thumb

    ELOG Software – How to Configure Your ELITEpro Meter for a New Project

  • elog usb communications thumb

    ELOG Software – How to Communicate via USB with Your DENT ELITEpro XC Using ELOG Software

  • ElitePro Thumbnail

    ELITEpro XC Power Meter – DENT Instruments

  • Video Thumbnail Dent Logo

    About DENT Instruments

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