20/50/100/200A Split Core Block Hinged Current Transformer


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DENT’s Split Core Block Hinged CTs are small, low-cost current transformers with high accuracy (<0.5%) over a wide dynamic range and excellent phase shift. These are ideal for applications where space or budget is limited, such as metering multiple loads within a panel board. These CTs are perfect for current measurement, energy metering, load surveys, demand metering, energy research, and submetering.

The small Mini CTs (HSC) are available in 20A and 50A, while the larger Midi CTs (HMC) are available in 100A and 200A.

The Split Core Series CTs are CUR/US 61010 listed as recognized components, CE listed, RoHS compliant, and are 600V CAT III rated devices. They are available for current inputs up to 200 Amps with 3M (9.8′) long, 22 AWG twisted pair leads.

Now available with 7 Meter Leads.

All DENT CTs are sold individually (not in sets).

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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Current Rating

100A, 200A, 20A, 50A


Split Core


Block- Hinged

Window Size

0.4" (10mm), 1" (25mm)

Current Range

0.25-40A, 0.25-80A, 1-200A, 1-300A

Lead Length

23' (7m), 9.8' (3m)

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Key Features

Key Features
  • Small, low-cost current transformers
  • Highly accurate: <0.5% over a wide, dynamic range
  • Excellent phase shift
  • Ideal where space is limited
  • 3 Meter Leads are standard; 7 Meter Leads are available
  • Compatible with all DENT power meters including ELITEpro Series and PowerScout Series instruments
  • cURus
  • CE



Part Numbers

Part Numbers

All DENT CTs are sold individually (not in sets).

Part Number Amp Range Description
20A Split Score Block Hinged CT 0.25 – 40A CT-HSC-020-U
50A Split Score Block Hinged CT 0.25 – 80A CT-HSC-050-U
100A Split Score Block Hinged CT 1 – 200A CT-HMC-100-U
200A Split Score Block Hinged CT 1 – 300A CT-HMC-200-U
20A Split Score Block Hinged CT, 7M Leads 0.25 – 40A CT-HSC-020-U-7M
50A Split Score Block Hinged CT, 7M Leads 0.25 – 80A CT-HSC-050-U-7M
100A Split Score Block Hinged CT, 7M Leads 1 – 200A CT-HMC-100-U-7M
200A Split Score Block Hinged CT, 7M Leads 1 – 300A CT-HMC-200-U-7M

Extended Leads

Extended Leads

Three-meter black & white twisted pair CT leads are standard. The Mini and Midi Hinged CTs are also available with 7 Meter Leads (see CT Part Number tab and Model drop down menu for ordering part numbers). CT leads can be extended up to 500 ft by using the same wire type/AWG. Learn more about extending the leads on your current transformers here.


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