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cULus CE RoHS 5-Year Warranty

Ideal for Monitoring Building Mains

The New PowerScout 3 HD is the latest model in the HD family, replacing the PowerScout 3037 as DENT Instruments’ 3-channel 3-phase meter. DENT’s single-point meter offering features increased measurement performance, industry-standard communications, and two form factors. It can utilize any of DENT’s internally-shunted, 333 mV output split-core or RōCoil CTs. Monitor a single three-phase load or network with other PowerScout HD meters to monitor several loads across your facility.

Revenue-Grade Performance

With high-speed continuous sampling, data update rate of 1 Hz, and ANSI C12.20-2015 Class 0.2 revenue-grade accuracy (depending on CT), the PowerScout 3 HD is well-suited for accountability metering in commercial, retail, and industrial facilities including demand response and tenant submetering.

Line or USB Powered

PowerScout 3 HD instruments are line-powered with an internal wide-range power supply, allowing line-to-line voltages from 90-600 VAC. For convenience, the PS3HD also includes a USB (Type C) connector which allows the meter to be powered from a host PC or laptop computer during configuration.

Industry-Standard Modbus or BACnet

The PowerScout 3 HD supports both Modbus (based on SunSpec IEEE-754) and BACnet communications protocols. Communications interface can be accomplished through serial RS-485 or Ethernet using either Modbus RTU, BACnet MS/TP, Modbus TCP, or BACnet IP protocols.

Quick Setup

The PowerScout 3 HD can be quickly configured using one of two interfaces: ViewPoint HD PC Application or through a Web Browser. Configurations can be saved to a template for re-use. Use the on-board LCD and thumbwheel to verify setup.

Powerful Troubleshooting

The PowerScout 3 HD meter includes DENT’s patented* PhaseChek™ circuitry for identifying mis-phased and backwards CTs. When used in conjunction with ViewPoint HD, advanced analytics are available, including waveform visualization, vector polar plotting, and harmonic distortion analysis.

Safety Standards

DENT Instruments has set the standard for user safety by designing the PowerScout HD to protect users from harm during the meter installation process. In particular, note the following safety features:

  • When the high-voltage (TouchSāf™) cover* is installed on the PowerScout HD meter, the NFPA70E-compliant USB interface is safe to use without the use of additional PPE or shutting off the electrical panel.
  • The 200 KAIC fuse that is standard on all PowerScout HD meters exceeds most regulatory requirements, making it the safest meter on the market.
  • The PowerScout HD meters have been evaluated to withstand 6kV line surges.

Always follow all local electrical codes and employer guidance regarding the use of PPE and other safety requirements.

* High-voltage (TouchSāf™) cover is standard on all PowerScout HD instruments except plate versions of the PowerScout 12 HD (PS12HD-P-D-N & PS12HD-P-N-N). Contact the factory for details.

Two Available Configurations

The PowerScout 3 HD is available in a compact enclosure to facilitate mounting in the UL-approved enclosure of your choice using DIN rail or in a wall-mount enclosure that’s ready to be installed near your panel or switchgear.

The PowerScout Series meters are not meant to be standalone energy recorders. They are designed to connect as a slave device to a data logger, Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), or building management host network.

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CTEP, Local Law 88

Key Features

  • 3 channels: 3-phase submeter monitors voltage, current, power, energy, and many other electrical parameters on single or three-phase systems
  • Two models available: DIN Rail Mount Enclosure or Wall Mount Enclosure
  • Revenue grade. Third-party ANSI C12.20-2015 Class 0.2 certification (pending)
  • Continuous sampling: no blind cycles
  • Interval Data Recording: Store up to 63 days of 15-minute kWh data
  • Use with a full range of DENT Split Core or RōCoil™ Rogowski-style CTs, including several revenue-grade options
  • Line-Powered: 90-600V Phase-to-Phase Power Supply
  • 2-line LCD is standard on all configurations and shows real-time information about the meter configuration and metered data
  • Communicate using either BACnet or Modbus protocol
  • USB-C Connection is standard for configuration/meter troubleshooting
  • User-configurable alarm with isolated output
  • Data updates occur every 1.0 seconds
  • Patented PhaseChek™ technology confirms proper CT orientation
  • UL Listed, CE Mark, BTL Certification (pending)
  • 5-Year Warranty


  • Tenant Submetering (shopping malls, apartments, office space, etc)
  • Bi-Directional Metering (renewable energy applications, such as solar or wind)
  • Real-time power monitoring in commercial, retail, and industrial environments


Part Numbers

Choose from two models: DIN Rail Mount Enclosure or Wall Mount Enclosure. All models have Ethernet/Serial/USB-C communications as well as a display.

Part Number Description Availability
PS3HD-R-D-N DIN Rail Mount Enclosure Available Now
PS3HD-C-D-N Wall Mount Enclosure Available Now


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