Frequently Asked Questions

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SMARTloggers FAQs​

  • Are DENT TOU (time-of-use) instruments the same as SMARTloggers?

    Yes. TOU simply stands for “time-of-use”, while SMARTloggers™ is the trade name we give our series of TOU loggers.

  • Does the MAGlogger require me to mount it directly on my dirty, hot, vibrating motor?

    No, you can simply place it next to the incoming power line and the internal magnetic sensor will sense the flow of electricity and trigger the transition data.

  • How long does the battery last with the SMARTloggers?

    The typical battery life of the SMARTloggers is 5 years. The battery is user replaceable and may be obtained wherever coin cell batteries are sold.

  • How many records can a SMARTlogger store?

    Memory is rated by number of transition points (on’s & off’s) and is 32,000.

  • If I use a SMARTlogger to monitor a load, can I get kWh calculations?

    Yes, by simply asking the software to set the kW scale factor then reading the results in the summary. This works well under certain circumstances, but it’s important to understand what the SMARTloggers were designed for and their limitations. SMARTloggers are primarily designed to give you run-time information for a load. So when the software calculates kWh, it needs to assume that the load remains constant during the measurement period (i.e., the amp draw is the same from start to finish). If it’s not, or you’re not sure, you may be better off with a true power meter, such as the ELITEpro XCLearn more about selecting the right instrument here.

  • Is SMARTware 11 compatible with Windows 10/8?

    SMARTware 11 is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), and Windows XP. Please visit our Software Downloads page to obtain a copy of the latest software for your instrument.

  • Is there an instrument I can use to simply monitor the running time of a stand-alone device that has a cord?

    Using the CTlogger TOU Plug Adapter with SMARTloggers is the best way to monitor a device with a power cord, such as an appliance. Visit our blog to learn how to use the CTlogger in this type of application or request a quote for the CTlogger TOU Plug Adapter here.

  • What type of information are the SMARTlogger instruments designed to provide?

    Total running time, transition times, peak load times, kWh, and more.

  • Will my MAGlogger be able to sense a load if I just place it on the incoming line?

    The MAGlogger can be used successfully without actually placing it on or near the actual device you are measuring. Sometimes you may need to experiment with the orientation of the logger or you may need to adjust the sensitivity. The MAGlogger will sense any signal greater than 40 milligaus. The MAGlogger will not sense a load if the L1 and L2 lines are close together as they tend to cancel each other out.