PowerScout 12 HD Multi-Circuit Power Submeter


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Maximum Flexibility for Monitoring

The PowerScout 12 HD is a versatile, multi-channel instrument that can be configured to monitor multiple electrical circuits simultaneously. It can be supplied with any of DENT’s split-core, solid-core, or RoCoil (Rogowski) CTs. Monitor any combination of up to 4 three-phase or 12 single-phase electrical devices with a single PowerScout 12 HD. With data updates every 1 second and ANSI C12.20-2010 Class 0.2 revenue grade accuracy (depending on CT), the PowerScout 12 HD is well-suited for data center monitoring, tenant submetering, and accountability metering in commercial, retail, and industrial facilities.

Easy Installation

Every PowerScout is line powered and designed to operate on a broad range of voltages, from 90-600VAC. Modbus or BACnet protocols are field-selectable, and any combination of split-core or flexible RōCoil CTs can be used. Configure the meter using the ViewPoint HD software utility and a direct USB connection prior to installation. Eliminate expensive trips back into the field: patented* PhaseChek™ Technology ensures proper CT-to-phase installation the first time (available on instruments equipped with a display). If ordered with an enclosure, 1-inch EMT conduit connects easily to the enclosure housing – no drilling required.

Minimum Part Numbers, Maximum Features

Keep it simple: Don’t fight with a long list of SKUs only to realize an important feature is missing. All PowerScout HD Series Meters are equipped with smart, standard features like the flexibility to switch between Modbus® or BACnet®, or the ability to use any millivolt CT, including Rogowski coils, on any channel. When installed, the platform-agnostic PowerScout HD Series meter easily integrates within connected products of any building management system (BMS) software, models equipped with BACnet® and Modbus® protocols, and can be easily utilized with any system.

The PowerScout HD Series meters are not meant to be standalone energy recorders. They are designed to connect as a slave device to a data logger, Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), or building management host network.

*U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, No. 7,612,552. PhaseChek™ only available on meters equipped with the display option.

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With Enclosure + Display, With Enclosure, No Display, With Mounting Plate + Display, With Mounting Plate, No Display, With Enclosure + Display + CW&M, With Mounting Plate + Display + CW&M


  • 12 current channels: Multi-circuit submeter monitors voltage, current, power, energy, and many other electrical parameters on any combination of single and/or three-phase systems
  • Line-Powered: 90-600V Phase-to-Phase power supply
  • Revenue Grade: ANSI C12.20-2010 Class 0.2
  • Available with UL 94-V0 enclosure or as a circuit board mounted on a rugged plate for easy installation
  • Designed with Safety in Mind: High-Voltage Cover offers additional level of protection
  • Communications: Utilize either BACnet or Modbus protocol over either Serial or Ethernet
  • Floating Point: IEEE-754 data format allows bidirectional monitoring and eliminates scaling factors
  • Mix-and-match a full range of Split Core or RoCoil Rogowski-style CTs, including several revenue-grade options
  • Optional display shows real-time information about the meter configuration and metered data
  • PhaseChek™ confirms proper CT orientation
  • UL Listed (enclosure version) or UL Recognized (mounting plate version)
  • CE Mark
  • BACnet Testing Laboratory (BTL) Certification to ensure standard compliance, reliability, and interoperability within a BACnet environment
  • 5 year warranty


  • Tenant Submetering (shopping malls, apartments, office space, etc)
  • Net Metering (renewable energy applications, such as solar or wind)
  • Data Center Monitoring
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Industrial


Part Numbers

Part Number Description
PS12HD-C-D-N PowerScout 12 HD, With Enclosure + Display
PS12HD-C-N-N PowerScout 12 HD, With Enclosure, No Display
PS12HD-P-D-N PowerScout 12 HD, Mounting Plate + Display
PS12HD-P-N-N PowerScout 12 HD, Mounting Plate, No Display


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