What Happens to the ELITEpro XC During a Power Outage?

One question that we’re frequently asked is this: “What happens to my ELITEpro XC during a power outage?”

The ELITEpro XC Portable Power Data Logger has 16 MB of non-volatile memory. It’s a line-powered device, which means that it’s powered by the L1 to L2 voltage under measurement.

During a power outage, the meter ceases to be energized because it’s powered by the voltage in the panel under measurement. Although the logger stops recording, the built-in memory means the logger maintains all its records and settings. Once power is restored, the meter will continue to record.

There is a feature in ELOG software to help with this scenario called “Fill Missing Records.” This feature detects gaps in the time sequence of the data and fills the missing records with 0 values. This feature is useful any time there are gaps in the time stamp records.

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