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Measuring DC Loads with an ELITEpro XC

The ELITEpro XC current input channels can accept +/-1VDC. The ELITEpro XC Portable Power Data Loggers analog channels can accept any sensor that has a 0-10 V or 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA signal. What does this mean for DC measurements? Non-DENT sensors may be used on the current and/or analog inputs to measure DC loads. Note that when the DC transducer is connected to the ELITEpro XC CT input, DC power will be reported as long as the DC voltage is connected to the voltage inputs. When the DC transducer is connected to the analog inputs, DC power will not be reported.

Below are two options for measuring DC loads with an ELITEpro XC instrument. 

aemc_mr521_current_probe.pngUSING THE AEMC MR521 AC/DC CURRENT PROBE

The AEMC MR521 can be used either on the CT inputs or the analog inputs.

Using the MR521 on the CT Inputs

When using the AEMC MR521 on the ELITEpro XC CT inputs, you may select from two amperage ranges: 100A or 1000A.

  1. 150A:10 mV/A range = 100 Amps DC max
  2. 1500:1 mV/A range = 1000 Amps DC Max

Using the MR521 on the Analog Inputs

If the CT is used on the analog inputs, the full 150A or 1500A range can be used.

Other Information

Note that the AEMC MR521 has a 50 hour battery life and a 2-5% accuracy. List price is $389 (cannot be ordered from DENT). Also keep in mind that a minimum of 80VDC is needed to power the ELITEpro XC.



The NK DT Series current transducers can be used on DC currents from 0-50A or 0-100A depending on the NK DT model chosen. The NK DT Series have 3 available output ranges that must be chosen at the time of purchase.

Using the NK DT on the CT Inputs

If you wish to use the NK DT on the ELITEpro XC CT inputs, select an NK DT model with 333mV out.

Using the NK DTon the Analog Inputs

If you wish to use the NK DT on the ELITEpro XC analog inputs, select an NK DT model with 10VDC output.

Power Supply Options

The NK DT Series current transducer has two power supply options. If you plan on using the CT with the ELITEpro XC’s CT input channels and power the NK DT transducer via the ELITEpro XC’s 6VDC power out, choose the 5VDC power supply option. Cannot be ordered from DENT.


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