DENT Launches New Mobile App for Apple & Android Devices | DENT Instruments

DENT Instruments is pleased to announce the release of version 3.0 of the ELITEpro Mobile App! The app provides more features than ever before, including:

  • Use app to quickly validate installation of the ELITEpro
  • See logger properties and configure logger for new metering projects without connecting to a PC
  • View an oscilloscope, harmonic data, and phasor plot graph
  • Interact with data logging operations, such as turning logging on or off and erasing records


  • ELITEpro XC Power Meter with Wi-Fi
  • ELOG 15 Software & Latest ELITEpro XP Firmware
  • Mobile device (Apple iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet)
  • Specific device hardware requirements listed on the App Store or Google Play Store (Not all app features are available for all devices. See specific requirements in the documentation.)


ELITEpro Mobile App Instructions (PDF)


Use of the Mobile App requires ELOG software and the latest ELITEpro firmware. Users can upgrade their software to the latest version by opening ELOG, clicking Help > Check for Updates or visiting the Download page on the DENT website.