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Read Me First – MD Series Power Meter Startup


1.  The ViewPoint™ Software tool provided on this CD is not typically required for configuring your new MD series Power Meter for use with the Apogee or other Building Automation Systems. This metering kit, comprised of a meter plus three current transducers (CTs), has been factory-configured with meter setup parameters for the specific CT current ranges that were ordered. 

There are typically no additional user requirements that utilize the ViewPoint™ software to perform any further configuration of the MD series meters to support setup or installation. 

Please read the power meter installation chapter in the User Manual for the installation and start up instructions. If there is a reason to reconfigure the meter to accept a CT set with a different current range, please consult the Siemens MD-P1 User Manual #125-201 or the Siemens MD-BMS User Manual #125-200 or #125-202 for directions. 

2.  The MD-P1 and MD-P1D Power Meters have a fixed baud rate of 4800 baud. Warning: Do not use the ViewPoint™ software tool to modify this fixed baud rate as it will make the MD-P1 series power meter inoperable. If this happens, contact Siemens Building Technologies technical support for resolution. 

3. The RS-485 network device address for the MD series Power Meters is set only via the rotary address switches on the front left face of the meter. The P1-FLN or BACnet/Modbus address cannot be configured with ViewPoint software. See the User Manual for detailed instructions on setting the device address via the front mounted rotary switches. See the MD-BMS user manual (#125-200 or #125-202 for instructions regarding the setting of the IP address for the MD-BMED model Ethernet communication. 

4. If you intend to use the ViewPoint™ software tool with the MD series Power Meters for purposes of data register viewing or for firmware upgrades, please first consult the ViewPoint™ chapter in the User Manuals. 

Warning: Improper use of this powerful ViewPoint™ software tool may result in modifying internal meter setup parameters that could make the power meter inoperative.
 Before using this ViewPoint software tool, please read the ViewPoint™ use instructions contained in the Siemens MD-P1 User Manual #125-201 or the Siemens MD-BMS User Manual # 125-200 or #125-202. These manuals are available at the download link contained on this CD or from the Siemens Download Center.

You may download a copy of this Read Me file by clicking here.

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