Bend, OR, October 30, 2023 – DENT Instruments, Inc., which develops and produces market leading energy measuring and monitoring technology, is pleased to announce Jonas Greberg as its new Chief Executive Officer. Greberg assumed leadership in October of 2023. Christopher Dent, founder and chief engineer, stepped down from management but continues to provide guidance as Senior Advisor.

In late 2022, DENT Instruments was acquired by Bemsiq AB. Based in Sweden, Bemsiq provides building automation and power metering throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

“To use our resources, especially energy, in an efficient and sustainable way in the future, is a benefit for the environment, our customers, and the business,” said Greberg. “The Bemsiq-group has great ambitions to lead the journey toward smart and green buildings. DENT Instruments will be an important part of that both domestically and globally.”

“My goal is to honor and follow the legacy built by Christopher Dent,” said Greberg, a native of Sweden. “DENT already has a great reputation and manufactures high quality products and provides exemplary service. I will work with the DENT team to grow the business and continue build the most comprehensive line of products in the power submetering industry.”

Greberg holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and has extensive leadership experience working with various energy, building automation and engineering companies in Sweden prior to joining DENT. Greberg moved to Bend with his wife, three children and dog this summer.
“Bend is such a welcoming community. The fact that the area offers so many activities we enjoy, such as mountain biking, hiking, skiing and athletics has made the transition of moving to the States easy for us,” said Greberg. “It is such a beautiful place, and we are so excited for the opportunities.”

About DENT Instruments, Inc.
For more than 35 years, DENT Instruments, located in Bend, OR, has manufactured power meters, data loggers and energy audit equipment that measure and monitor energy use for residential buildings, large companies, retail outlets, data centers and telecommunications. The monitors provide real-time energy data, identify energy inefficiencies, and facilitate tenant billing. With 22 employees and growing, DENT’s products and services help thousands of customers worldwide.

DENT Instruments Mission: To be an enduring company continuously creating superior measurement products that provide essential energy information to our customers.

About Bemsiq AB
Bemsiq AB, with headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, has an annual turnover of 1.3 billion Swedish Kronor ($120M) and employs nearly 500 people in 6 countries. Bemsiq consists of a group of innovative and fast-growing companies providing products in building automation and metering and is one of five wholly-owned business areas within the Latour Group.

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