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Discontinued July 2018

When performing a measurement of a plug load using the DENT CTlogger time-of-use datalogger, one of the two conductors in a typical appliance cord must be isolated to get a reading on the logger. This is because the two conductors are carrying current in opposite directions—thus the magnetic fields cancel each other out. Splitting the two conductors in an appliance cord can leave an unsightly and possibly hazardous condition.

Now you can use the TOU-PA Wall Plug Adapter. Unplug the appliance, plug it into the TOU-PA and plug the TOU-PA in the wall. One leg of the circuit comes out of the side for easy clamping with a CTlogger. This is a safe, easy, and effective way to use your CTlogger with any plug load.

CTlogger SMARTlogger sold separately.

Part: TOU-PA

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