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DENT Launches New RoCoil mV Flexible Current Transformers

MAY 6, 2009

RoCoil Flexible CTsDENT Instruments, Bend, OR — DENT Instruments, a global leader in the design and manufacture of power and energy measurement instruments, announced the introduction of the RoCoil mV™ Series of Current Transformers (CTs). These flexible Rogowski Coil CTs offer significant advantages over conventional Split Core Current Transformer or Clamp-On CTs in certain installations. They deliver “installer-friendly” features such as large window size, light weight, wide current range, and mechanical flexibility for mounting in tight quarters. See the RoCoil mV™ product page here… Christopher Dent, President of DENT Instruments said, “These new flexible current transformers permit measurements on conductors where conventional rigid CTs would be very difficult to use. RoCoils provide accurate, non-intrusive measurement of AC current combined with easy placement around cable bundles, large bus bars and irregular shaped conductors.” Like its name implies, the RoCoil mV™ produces a millivolt output for use with DENT’s ELITEpro and DATApro Series dataloggers, as well as other manufacturers’ metering instruments. RoCoil mV™ CTs are available in standard lengths up to 72” and current ranges up to 6000A. DENT Instruments is a leading supplier of an array of precision measurement instrumentation and analytical software in the field of energy management.

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