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DENT Instruments Announces BTL Acceptance of PowerScout 3 Meters

AUGUST 12, 2013

PowerScout 3DENT Instruments, a global leader in the design and manufacture of power and energy measurement instruments, announces that the PowerScout 3 Plus Power Meter has been certified by independent testing labs to have met or exceeded equipment interoperability guidelines of one of the industry’s leading standards agencies, BACnet Testing Laboratory (BTL).


“We recognize that the BTL mark is becoming an increasingly common requirement,” says Christopher Dent, President of DENT Instruments. We are very excited to announce that the PowerScout 3 Plus has passed rigorous BTL testing. Our customers in the building automation market, including system integrators, can be confident that the PowerScout 3 Plus is fully interoperable with third-party BACnet devices.”


Ideal for new construction or building recommissioning, the PowerScout 3 Plus instruments are dependable single-point submeters for precise energy measurement. Paired with flexible and easy-to-install RoCoil CTs or traditional split-core CTs, the DENT PowerScout meters provide accurate and cost-effective energy measurement for a wide range of building submetering projects.


DENT Instruments is a leading supplier of an array of precision measurement instrumentation and analytical software in the field of energy management.