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Announcing the All-New PowerScout™ HD Series Multi-Circuit Power Meters

Add Up to 48 Single-Phase/16 Three-Phase Meters by Installing a Single Device

Announcing the all-new PowerScout™ HD Series Multi-Circuit Power Meters. Designed to monitor multiple independent loads from a single meter, the PowerScout HD Series makes it easy to add many revenue-grade metering points without having to purchase, mount, wire and commission individual energy meters, resulting in lower overall installation & commissioning costs.  The PowerScout HD solution provides revenue-grade accuracy in a wide variety of large building environments including data centers, hospitals, office buildings, campuses, retail centers, and industrial complexes. 

Two HD Models to Suit Any Installation

PS48HD-front-display-750_large.pngOne size doesn't fit all, which is why the PowerScout HD comes in two sizes: PowerScout 12 HD has 12 circuit channels while the PowerScout 48 HD has 48 circuit channels. Both meters can be used on any combination of single- or three-phase installations and are available in a “circuit board only” or enclosure style options.

Need to monitor two different panels in the same electrical room? No need to purchase two separate meters: The PowerScout 48 HD features a unique, two independent voltage input design, which allows it to be used on two different voltage services simultaneously (each up to 600V).

Minimum Part Numbers, Maximum Features

Keep it simple: Don't fight with a long list of SKUs only to realize an important feature is missing. All PowerScout HD Series Meters are equipped with smart, standard features like the flexibility to switch between Modbus® or BACnet®, Ethernet or Serial (RS-485), or the ability to use any millivolt CT, including Rogowski coils, on any channel.  When installed, the platform agnostic PowerScout HD Series meter easily integrates within connected products of any building management system (BMS) software, models equipped with BACnet® and Modbus® protocols and can be easily utilized with any system.

Easy configuration

Meter setup is simple, thanks to included ViewPoint HD (Windows-based) software. Simply connect the meter to a PC using a standard USB or Ethernet cable. ViewPoint HD features a visual meter configuration with CT picker, waveform capture (54 channel oscilloscope), harmonics, and phasor plot (which can indicate phase rotation). Save time in the field: Pre-configure the meter for deployment at the office and clone configurations to program multiple meters quickly.

Don’t have ViewPoint HD software installed? The PSHD Web App is built right into the meter and is a browser-based interface which allows for meter configuration and displays real-time values.

The optional LCD also provides real-time value and meter configuration information at your fingertips. Scroll through metered values for each channel and obtain valuable setup information without the need to connect to a PC.

Revenue Grade Accuracy

The PowerScout HD Series meets strict ANSI 12.20-2010 Class 0.2 accuracy requirements, making it ideal for revenue grade applications, such as tenant submetering. Maximize end-to-end accuracy by pairing the PowerScout 48 HD meter with a variety of revenue-grade CT options, including compact split cores or flexible, rope-style Rogowski coils (RoCoils) which can be used on services up to 4000A.


The PowerScout 48 HD supports both Modbus and BACnet communication protocols. Communication interface can be accomplished through standard serial RS-485 or Ethernet using either Modbus, BACnet MS/TP, Modbus TCP, or BACnet IP data formats. Positive and negative Modbus registers/BACnet objects make the PowerScout 48 HD ideal in bi-directional (renewable) metering environments. In addition, the PowerScout 48 HD features two pulse outputs which are designed to send energy consumption data to a data aggregator. A USB port is standard for easy meter configuration.

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