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Helping Customers Manage Energy Costs since 1988


From the beginning, our focus was clear

Like so many other great companies in the 80s, DENT Instruments was a dream actualized in a home garage - with the idea that a tool could be both environmentally useful, as well as eco-nomically beneficial.

A strong commitment to continuous improvement

Today, from a proper manufacturing facility, we continue our 25-year reputation for providing instruments of the highest quality whose robust design, small size, and remote data acquisition make them the loggers of choice worldwide.

Forward momentum is fundamental to our success

Over the next decade, DENT’s growth is set to exceed all expectations. With new products in development, we will remain an industry trailblazer, while also continuing to be a key contributor to the economic health of our home in Central Oregon.

DENT Leadership

Christopher Dent  - President

Christopher Dent


Christopher Dent founded DENT Instruments and remains its Senior Designer. His qualifications include: B.S. in Astronomy, M.S. Mechanical Engineering, and a P.E. in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering. He also sits as a Chairman of the NEMA 5ESM Technical Committee.

Mark Coppin Headshot

Mark Coppin


Mark’s manufacturing and operations career derived from the aerospace and automotive industries. He has implemented a lean business philosophy, strategic planning and our Quality Management System.

Mike Timson - Engineering Director

Mike Timson


Mike brings over 20 years of experience in the power measurement industry, as well as expertise in hardware, software and firmware. He has been key in developing a number of innovative DENT products.

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