Continuing Support Documentation

The ELOG software comes bundled with the purchase of the ELITEpro series meter.  This software also includes firmware updates for units that are field firmware update capable.   

DENT Instruments is constantly working on improving the performance and features of our meters through firmware updates, as well as the quality of our software.  These updates come via automatic software checks performed weekly.  The software needs access to the internet to perform these software checks, and will notify the user of the availability of software and firmware updates. 

The ELOG software is backwards compatible with all previous generations of the ELITEpro series, and barring any insurmountable programming barriers related to future operating systems, this will continue to be the case.  DENT Instruments will continue to support the ELOG software for both future and past generations of the ELITEpro series for the life of the equipment.


Mike Timson, Director of Engineering