Spring 2007

Here's a quick look at what's happening at DENT Instruments.


DENT Receives State of Oregon Trade Promotion Grant

DENT Instruments recently received a cash grant from the State of Oregon's Economic and Community Development Department. These grants are made on a case-by-case basis to Oregon small business manufacturers to enter new international markets or expand existing ones.
According to Tim Van Slambrouck, DENT's Vice President of Sales & Marketing: "We are truly excited to have been chosen to receive this grant from the State of Oregon. The Oregon Trade Promotion Program Grant gives us the opportunity to increase our presence in key international markets. Our intention is to participate in several trade shows and trade missions that otherwise would not have been accessible to us in 2007."
As a result of receiving the grant, DENT announced that it will exhibit its portable energy & power measurement instruments at the following shows:

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Learn How to Position Your Flexible CT for Optimum Accuracy

Flexible Rogowski Coils, such as the DENT Instruments' 3000A Flexible Current Transformer, are designed for easy placement around cable bundles, large bus bars and breaker panels. The position of the conductor in relation to the coupling piece of the loop will have an effect on the overall accuracy of the CT readings.
To learn more about optimizing the performance of your Rogowski Coil, view the application note on our website:www.dentinstruments.com/documents/Rogowski_appnote.pdf

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USB Adapter Now Standard on E-Kit Configurations

Today's new laptop computers typically come with USB ports only. This requires our customers to have a USB adapter to communicate with the serial port of the ELITEpro and DATApro loggers. But, not all commercially available USB adapters are the same nor work with ELOG software! We have tested successful operation of only one brand of USB adapter (Keyspan) and to save you time, money and headaches, now supply it as standard with all E-Kits. View E-Kit Press Release (pdf)

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Do you have a broken logger that's just collecting dust? Send it to Us!

If your shelves are overrun with worn-out, non-working loggers, then you will definitely benefit from our Logger Trade-In Program. Just send us your old loggers--any brand--and we'll give you an allowance towards a brand-new DENT logger!

To learn more about this program, visit our website (www.dentinstruments.com/CurrentAdvertising.htm) or call us at 541.388.4774.

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See DENT products and representatives in our NEW BOOTH at these upcoming trade show events!


West Coast EMC
June 6-7, 2007
Long Beach Convention Center
Booth #333


WEEC 2007 Conference & Expo
August 15-16, 2007
World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA
Booth #634


June 21-24, 2007
Beijing, China
Booth #2421, Hall 2


Measurement & Control Show
November 7-9, 2007
Tokyo, Japan

Contact us with any questions or feedback at http://www.dentinstruments.com/ContactUs.htm or Toll-Free 800-388-0770

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