Product Overview | Power Meters, Sub Meters, Data Loggers, Current Transformers, Smart Loggers

Download our FREE Metering eBook! DENT data loggers, metering equipment and systems combine small size, robust design and remote data acquisition capabilities. DENT products can be temporarily or permanently mounted virtually anywhere. With a wide range of recording intervals and large-capacity memory option, they are ideal for both short-term projects and long-term studies.



Portable Next Generation Energy Datalogger

ELITEpro SP Data Logger | Power Meter

PowerScout™ 3037

Revenue-Grade Modbus/BACnet Networked Power Meters

PowerScout™ 3037 | Power Meter - Sub Meter

PowerScout™ 24

Modbus/BACnet Multi-Circuit Networked Power Meters

PowerScout™ 24 | Networked Power Meters


Time-of-Use Loggers

SMARTloggers™ | Time of Use | Lighting - Moter Data Loggers

Current Transformers

CTs for ELITEpro and PowerScout Series Meters

Current Transformers | Flexible, Clamp, Mini CT's


Software for all DENT products

Software for Energy Data Acquisition

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