Multi-Circuit Submetering: A Cost-Effective Solution for Electrical Load Profiling of Hospital Emergency Power Supply System Loads

By: Zack Smith & Allan Evora, Affinity Energy ATS MULTI-CIRCUIT METERING HELPS EFFECTIVELY MANAGE LOAD CREEP Emergency Power Supply Systems (EPSS) are the critical infrastructure that supports a hospital system during power outages. Regulations place a lot of emphasis on testing and maintenance of the EPSS system; however, all the maintenance in the world will do […]

Maximize Power Meter Performance with New Revenue Grade Current Transformers from DENT Instruments

New Revenue Grade Current Transformers (0.2% accuracy) are now available from DENT Instruments. These split-core and toroidal CTs are designed for applications which require maximum accuracy & precision. The superior performance and robust design make them ideal for field installation in applications such as energy & demand metering, tenant submetering, and load surveys. Maximize end-to-end accuracy by pairing these CTs with […]

Energy & Electrical Submetering: Making the Submeter Case

Today’s escalating energy costs put increasing pressure on businesses and organizations to proactively manage their energy use. There is a growing sense of urgency to understand energy consumption patterns and to develop effective actions to manage their associated expenses. Gaining the upper hand on electrical costs often begins with some comprehensive detective work: Taking measurements, […]

DENT Attends the CGNA Synergy Conference

Last April, DENT attended the Controls Group North America (CGNA) Synergy Conference in Savannah, GA. This conference was a meeting of the top manufacturers and distributors in the controls industry and terrific opportunity to showcase DENT PowerScout meters and accessories to other CGNA members. Thanks to Eric Stromquist for capturing our newest PowerScout 3037 video! DENT Power Meters Rock […]