What Happens to the ELITEpro XC During a Power Outage?

One question that we’re frequently asked is this: “What happens to my ELITEpro XC during a power outage?” The ELITEpro XC Portable Power Data Logger has 16 MB of non-volatile memory. It’s a line-powered device, which means that it’s powered by the L1 to L2 voltage under measurement. During a power outage, the meter ceases to be energized because […]

Selecting a Power Meter: Find the Right Tool for the Job

“I need a meter.” This is where the majority of customer conversations begin at DENT. When you learn that your project includes metering or logging energy consumption, it’s clear that you’ll need some piece of equipment to make that happen. Here’s a list of questions to help you decide which DENT meter is the right one. QUESTION […]

Stop Overpaying the Power Company: Energy Audits are Key to Savings

Most companies want to decrease their energy consumption, either for financial reasons, or to be active in reducing their carbon footprint, or both–but some of them aren’t sure where to begin. When the only measure of a facility’s energy usage is the bill customers receive at the end of the month, they may feel their […]

Save Time + $$$ on Your Next Project: FREE Energy Metering Guide!

As an energy manager, you know one of the fastest ways to start saving on building and equipment costs is to perform an energy audit to identify savings opportunities. Unfortunately, that is sometimes easier said than done. Not only do you need to figure out the right metering equipment for your project, the installation itself […]

Case Study: Using the ELITEpro Power Meter to Measure Energy Savings

I belong to a church where we recently did a major lighting upgrade.  Old fluorescent and incandescent lights were replaced with LED lighting.  It was a great opportunity to use the DENT ELITEpro XC Portable Power Meter and RoCoil current transformers to monitor power consumption before and after the upgrade.  In case you are not familiar with the ELITEpro, it is a […]

How to Update the Firmware on the ELITEpro XC Power Meter

Firmware is software that is used as the control program for the microprocessor in your ELITEpro XC power meter. Firmware updates provide new features and bug fixes for the meter and can be field-installed on the ELITEpro XC (as opposed to needing to come back to the factory for an upgrade). Here’s how you can make […]

ELITEpro Mobile App: Interact with the ELITEpro Power Meter on Your Mobile Device

THE ELITEPRO MOBILE APP IS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD! Have you used the ELITEpro Mobile App with your ELITEpro XC meter yet? Download today for free! SETUP THE ELITEPRO XC FROM THE APP No PC at the job site? No problem. Configure the Wi-Fi-enabled ELITEpro XC meter directly from the Mobile App on your tablet. Make changes to integration type, […]

Connect to a Remote ELITEpro XC Using Port Forwarding

What happens if your ELITEpro XC Portable Electric Data Logger is on a local area network at a remote project site, but you’re hundreds of miles away, at your office, and need to download data off the meter? Port Forwarding makes it possible to complete the download. And, with a little planning, you probably already have everything you need […]

Using the Analog Channels on the ELITEpro XC to Correlate Your Consumption of Electricity to Environmental, HVAC, or Other Processes

Some features that are often overlooked on the ELITEpro XC Portable Energy Meters are the analog input channels. Analog inputs are especially helpful when used in conjunction with power measurements to correlate the consumption of electricity with environmental, HVAC plant performance, or other process conditions. Typical uses might include logging ambient temperature, building temperatures, solar insolation, tank pressures, […]