Optimizing Performance from Rogowski Coil Current Transformers

WHAT IS A ROGOWSKI COIL? A Rogowski coil, named after Walter Rogowski, is an electrical device for measuring alternating current (AC) or high-speed current pulses. It consists of a helical coil of wire with the lead from one end returning through the center of the coil to the other end so that both terminals are […]

Measuring DC Loads with an ELITEpro XC

The ELITEpro XC current input channels can accept +/-1VDC. The ELITEpro XC Portable Power Data Loggers analog channels can accept any sensor that has a 0-10 V or 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA signal. What does this mean for DC measurements? Non-DENT sensors may be used on the current and/or analog inputs to measure DC loads. Note that […]

Maximize Power Meter Performance with New Revenue Grade Current Transformers from DENT Instruments

New Revenue Grade Current Transformers (0.2% accuracy) are now available from DENT Instruments. These split-core and toroidal CTs are designed for applications which require maximum accuracy & precision. The superior performance and robust design make them ideal for field installation in applications such as energy & demand metering, tenant submetering, and load surveys. Maximize end-to-end accuracy by pairing these CTs with […]

Extending the Leads on Your DENT Current Transformer

One of the most frequently asked questions in our tech support department is this: “Can I get CTs with longer leads or extend the leads myself? What’s the maximum length for CT leads?” Standard lead length for a DENTcurrent transformer is 3 meters (with a 7 meter option available for some models). Occasionally, because of electrical room […]

Easy Steps to Choosing the Right Current Transformer

  There’s nothing more frustrating than arriving at the project site to complete a meter installation only to realize you do not have the right current transformer in your toolkit. Not having the right tools for any job is a waste of both time and money. To avoid this, a little pre-planning goes a long […]