Nikki Henningsen

Nikki holds a BS degree from Oregon State University and has been in the DENT Sales & Marketing Department since 2008. When not at work, she enjoys canoeing and camping with her family in beautiful Central Oregon. RECENT POSTS How to Update the Firmware on the ELITEpro XC Power Meter  BY NIKKI HENNINGSEN     Measuring […]

Mac Mottley

Mac Mottley is the Chief Executive Officer of Sparks Dynamics and has responsibility for strategy, business development and overseeing the company’s day to day operations. Mr. Mottley has over 30 years of military and business leadership experience developing innovative organizations that provide a clear differentiation and added value compared to competitors. Mr. Mottley is a […]

Lauren Sternfeld

As a native Oregonian, outdoor enthusiast, and graduate of Oregon State University – Cascades (B.S. Degree) and the NW Energy and Efficiency Institute’s Energy Management program, Lauren is passionate about energy efficiency. Lauren has been a sales professional for DENT Instruments since 2013.   RECENT POSTS What Happens to the ELITEpro XC During a Power […]

Francisco Sotela

RECENT POSTS Metering Application: Integrating the ELITEpro XC Meter with a Cellular Communication Module for Remote Metering  BY FRANCISCO SOTELA ALL POSTS

Bob Dunn, President of I&E Central

I&E Central is a distributor of industrial test equipment, with an emphasis on tools for predictive maintenance (PdM), electrical and reliability professionals. Representing a variety of best-of-market manufacturers, I&E Central offers consultations to understand your application and needs. I&E Central was founded by Bob Dunn in 2001 and is based near Rochester, NY. I&E Central […]

Abtar Singh

Abtar Singh specializes in facility-management systems, performance monitoring, predictive analytics, and optimization of energy and maintenance systems. He has worked his entire career to reduce operating expense by improving building-management technologies and processes. He is an expert in design, engineering and modeling of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. He is also an expert in enterprise software […]