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[VIDEOS] Tips for Getting Started with the PowerScout 48 HD Meter

PowerScout 48 Meter Available Now

48 Revenue Grade Metering Points. Smart, Intuitive Software.

Take control of your facility's energy consumption with the PowerScout 48 HD. Use Rogowski or Split Core CTs to easily add 48 revenue-grade metering points on single and three-phase systems. BACnet and Modbus on board make it simple to integrate within connected products to any building management system (BMS) software. BACnet Testing Laboratory (BTL) Certification ensures standard compliance, reliability, and interoperability within a BACnet environment. Use intuitive ViewPoint HD Software to simplify configuration and installation.

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LCD for Easy Diagnostics

Get real-time metering information at a glance with the optional 4-line LCD. Track down configuration issues before leaving the job site, saving time and money.

PowerScout HD LCD

[video] Quick Meter Configuration

Configuring the PowerScout HD meter is simple, thanks to intuitive ViewPoint HD Software. The USB interface allows for setup at your office before even visiting the job site.




[video] THD & Waveform Capture

The Waveform Capture in ViewPoint HD software works as a 54 channel oscilloscope. Quickly check for waveform distortion to troubleshoot meter setup issues.




[VIDEO] Phasor Plot

Use the Phasor Plot feature to quickly diagnose current transformer installation issues, such as having a CT installed backwards. The CT Flipper function can correct this in software.




Minimum Part Numbers, Maximum Features

Other meter manufacturers force you to read through a long list of SKUs to find just the right combination of features. DENT has a different philosophy: Create a few product combinations that combine smart, standard features like the flexibility to switch between Modbus or BACnet, Ethernet or Serial (RS-485), or the ability to use any millivolt CT, including Rogowski Coils, on any channel.

See what makes us different. Contact our experienced Sales Team to learn more about the HD Series meters and get a quote on the perfect meter for your application.

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