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Haul Out the Holly | DENT Instruments


We are really getting into the holiday spirit here at DENT this year! Each department is participating in a friendly, little holiday decorating competition. The rules are simple: Each department is given $50 to decorate their space. Decorating items can also be brought from home. Which department’s decor will reign supreme?


Engineering opted for a homey, living room theme, complete with a life-sized fireplace and real pine tree. The theme incorporated many DENT products, including the new PowerScout 48 HD with custom “Merry Christmas” edition firmware. Nice touch, team! merry-christmas-pshd.gif


Production’s theme is “Santa’s Workshop,” which is completely appropriate because their department is where the elves build each and every DENT product. The department is furnished with present storage and detailed Santa route planning maps and a cozy fireplace as well. Santa himself made an appearance as well! production-decor.jpg judging-production.jpg production-elves.jpg


Our accounting team decorated their space with festive holiday-themed wrapping paper to completely change the look of the office! Nice wrapping job, ladies! wrapping-mania-acounting.jpg accounting-judging.jpg accounting-decorations.jpg accounting-team.jpg


Peppermint was the theme for Sales & Marketing, with dozens of hand-made peppermint “candies” hanging from the ceiling. Red and white everywhere, the room even smelled like peppermint! santa-in-sales-marketing.jpg sales-marketing-team.jpg
From all of us at DENT Instruments, we hope you have a safe and happy holiday season!! PS: The Production Department’s decorations won this year’s competition – their dedication to wearing elf outfits all day put them over the top! Congrats to Production!!