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Data Logger & DataLoggers for Energy Audits    
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Data Loggers & DataLogger for Energy Measurement


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  Data Logger & DataLoggers for Energy Audits

  SMARTlogger TOU Monitors ELITEpro Energy Logger DATApro Data Logger  
  Data Loggers & DataLogger for Energy Measurement    
  Data Logger and energy measurement products designed for today's energy professionals. Our instruments are often the first step in developing strong energy strategies, for maintaining peak operations, and for lowering operating costs. Ask about our Data Loggers or other equipment here.

For more information about our Logger Trade-In Program, please click here.


ELITEpro Shows California How to Get the Biggest Bang for Their Energy Buck

Learn how DENT Instruments became a key tool in California's Self-Generation Incentive Program.

Read the full Utility Products magazine article.

WE SHIP FROM STOCK! Did you know that all of our meters are IN STOCK and ready to ship TODAY? In fact, we have the best delivery times in the business.

Learn more about our products here.

NEW! The updated Current Transformer specification sheets are now online! They are the perfect tool to help you choose the correct CT for your application. View them here.
Come see DENT Instruments at the Electric West 2007 Expo and Conference this February 21-23 in Long Beach, CA! To find out more abut the show, click here.
DENT is excited to announce the arrival of the next-generation SMARTloggers! Also, be sure to check out the new CONTACTlogger model. View Press Release.

Measure, Analyze, Log and Present Data
Virtually Anywhere

There is a DENT product that can capture the data you need and give the software to turn it into meaning information...more details.

Compact, Simple and Robust

DENT loggers have survived the most grueling field tests of all...learn more.

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DENT's energy measurement products are being used everyday around the world...
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