Current Transformers | Split Core, Clamp-on, Flexible, Mini CT's

All of our current transformers are shunted, and therefore, safe compared to other commercially available CT's. Choose from three types: Split-CoreClamp-On, and Flexible. All produce 333mV when at full scale. Please take a look at our Current Transformer Datasheet (pdf), which allows you to compare all our CTs side-by-side.

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Pictured: 50A Mini Hinged CT and 50A Standard Split Core CT

Mini and Split Core Current Transformers

The DENT Split-Core Series CTs are cost-effective and available in several window sizes and for 5A to 1,200A loads. Standard features include:

  • Output is 333mV at rated current
  • Internal precision burden resistor across secondary
  • Leads-8ft. twisted pair
  • Epoxy encapsulated housing
  • Accuracy is measured from 10% to 130% of rated current
  • Shrouded core blades for protection during installation
  • Core interleaved at joints for accuracy
  • Phase angle is measured at 50% of rated current
  • Snap closing/opening feature
  • Accuracy = +/- 1%
  • Phase shift < 2 degrees

50A Mini Hinged Split Cores

  • Economical
  • Accurate over a wide, dynamic range
  • Good phase shift
  • Ideal where space is limited
  • Perfect for submetering, demand metering, and energy research
Split-core data sheets:


Pictured: 150A EZ Clamp CT

150A Clamp-on CT-Current Transformer

DENT CON-series CTs are specifically designed to offer broad utility in a compact shape. These CTs deliver high accuracy, high sensitivity, versatility, and low phase shift making these probes an excellent choice for use in a wide range of power measurement applications.

  • Nominal Ratings of 150A and 1000A available. Check datasheets for current ranges.
  • Output Signal: 333 mV @ Maximum Input
  • Working Voltage : 600Vrms


Clamp-on printable data sheets:


Pictured: RoCoil mV™

RoCoilmV Rogowski Coil CT's

DENT's Rogowski "rope" style CTs are designed to take measurements where standard current sensors can't. Large buss bars, cable bundles, and irregular shaped conductors will no longer be a challenge.

Choose from two types:

  • RoCoil™ (for use with ELITEpro XC/SP & PowerScout Series)
  • RoCoil mV™ (for use with non-DENT meters and legacy ELITEpro products)

For more information about available Rogowski-style Current Transformers, click here or open the printable data sheets below.

RoCoil CT printable data sheets:

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